Multi-disciplinary creative person, here to help with art stuff.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Nic Helgaas

Thanks for stopping by.

I am a freelance creative / designer from Glenwood, Minnesota. I specialize in many different fields including: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Logo Design, Squarespace Websites, Apparel Design and Art Making. I have worked with the large commercial and advertising agencies as well as small to mid-range companies or start-ups. I have 11+ years in this industry and have been recognized and featured by publications and award committees locally, nationally and internationally throughout my career.

I am a graduate of the Miami Ad School with a degree in Art Direction. In the last year of ad school I spent three months in Hamburg, Germany living and studying. I then moved to New York City, where I spent three months at my internship in Manhatten. After New York, I moved back to Europe to study in Stockholm Sweden for another three months. Finally I moved back to Minneapolis and graduated in 2007.

Before I took my first job in advertising in 2008 I spent two months traveling the continent of Asia and eventually made it around the world. When I returned to the US I started my career in San Diego, California. I moved back to Minnesota in 2011 and have been living and working in Minneapolis.

I currently live in Glenwood where I work out of my studio in the woods. I also work in industrial sewing, denim repair, leatherwork and cobbling with the local cobbler at his workshop.

Please reach out with an email regarding any projects you’d like to collaborate on or any questions regarding pricing.

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